Automated Services

Automated call services are systems that could answer your calls, respond to texts and deal with your emails and other software services electronically. This saves you money and frees up time.

Many inbound and outbound call services include automation.

Automation sends customers to the right person as quickly as possible. Simple repetitive tasks are dealt with without the high cost of using your employees’ time. Customers are enabled to spend their time with your employees efficiently.

How do automated services work?

  • Incoming calls are automatically routed to the correct department
  • FAQ’s are answered by a voice automated response service
  • Reminders can be sent as automated messages.
  • Calls are directed to wherever you are and whichever device you are currently using
  • Text messages are responded to automatically and are then available for your perusal
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Premium services

You want your company to grow and expand, to support your customers. At the same time, you need to focus on your core business and save your money. It’s the age-old struggle; provide customers with the best possible experience or keep costs down?

Why not do both?

We provide the smoothest experience for the client and a positive outcome for the business. We provide flawless customer service, all the time. We prioritise your calls and optimise our automated services to deliver focussed, smooth, and efficient service to your clients. We keep the costs down and the quality high.

We use cloud based technology to provide an ultra-fast service to your clients with multi-channel automation and knowledgeable, friendly agents.

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Why use automated services for your company?

Call handle times
When call handle times are reduced, customer satisfaction is increased. When queries are answered quickly, when the experience is pleasant and easy, the customers are happy.

Upkeep and operational costs
Training new staff is expensive. Our software requires minimal upkeep. Once the infrastructure is in place, the software can take on new roles removing the need to hire and train additional staff.

Are your employees as happy and fulfilled as they could be?
Employees often feel frustrated by repetitive and mindless tasks. When employees are unhappy, they underperform. High call volumes can be managed by automation. It saves you money and frees up staff to deal with more engaging and fulfilling roles.

The revenue generated by the decreased waiting times, the increase in profit and the savings on staff time, more than makes up for the programming costs.

Uninterrupted service
You want your customers to be able to reach you 24/7 but you can’t support a staff to work continuously. Software doesn’t stop.

You can be available, even just for basic tasks, outside of office hours.

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